About Us

Our Mission

​​XGenesis Inc., (XGen) helps eCommerce companies drive incremental revenue and win lifetime customers. Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform drives autonomous and real-time site optimization for every individual consumer, delivering a personalized experience that grows your average order value.

Our Story

XGen was founded by Frank Faricy and incorporated in 2018.

After looking at the traditional software model and how it was being applied to improve business results, Frank decided that the traditional model could be improved. 

Instead of making software to help automate manual processes, he decided to focus on utilizing data and analytics as the foundation to success. 

By then applying AI (artificial intelligence), he could automate the recommended action to be taken. Instead of a platform that would show business managers tons of data and force them to analyze it manually and then implement changes to improve results, the new approach automates the end to end process in real time.