Case Study


"XGen is a top-of-the-line personalization platform, better than any I've used. Integration was simple, and we quickly saw direct results in conversion and revenue lift without compromising our site’s aesthetic, as that was important to us as a brand. The technology is far superior plus it's easy to use. I would recommend any brand to transition to XGen."
Hana Park, Senior Manager eCommerce, KHAITE


KHAITE is a women’s ready-to-wear collection that reimagines classic American sportswear for the twenty-first century.

The KHAITE eCommerce team wanted a low-touch deployment with intelligent, 1-on-1 product curation on-site to increase revenue and Average Order Value (AOV) while enhancing each visitors’ shopping experience.

They teamed up with XGen AI to provide unique, real-time, and individualized recommendations to their site visitors.


Go-live was completed within 7 days.

During this time, XGen AI integrated the XPersonalize system and KHAITE’s IT Partner utilized the platform to rapidly create and deploy recommendation elements to the site’s Product Display Pages (PDPs).

Additionally, they deployed a new, fully
dynamic “Selected For You” page.

Segment: Luxury Fashion

Results & Insights

Smart Elements

XGen AI’s smart elements drove 7% of attributed
revenue during the trial period.

In addition, users who interacted with XGen AI recommendations had
a 13% higher AOV than all other visitors.

This was calculated using 7-day attribution tracking.

KHAITE will be deploying further smart elements to
their site to increase visibility and performance.

Adaptive Product Curation

XGen AI automatically provides the most relevant
recommendations to each user without requiring
any configuration.

Our AI engine analyzes your site data in real-time to
effectively understand successful engagement
patterns on a granular and individual user level.



Since going live with XGen AI, KHAITE has seen:

Revenue Increase Attributed to XGen AI
Day Trial Period
Higher AOV w/ XGen AI Interactions