Case Study


"We are extremely pleased with the results brought about by XGen AI. I think it represents for us one of the important steps in order to increase revenues and profitability of our online business, and yet another confirmation that business and technological development are necessarily linked and have to follow the same growth path."
Giuseppe Santoni, CEO Santoni


The key objectives were to increase sitewide conversion rates in order to increase sales and the site’s ability to cross-sell resulting in higher average order values.


Implementation was quickly facilitated through our Google TagManager plug-in with minimal time spent by Santoni’s team members and their systems integrator. XGen AI Smart Elements were deployed to the Men’s Homepage, Women’s Homepage, Product Details Pages, and Shoes Product Listing Pages.


Driving a unique user experience to each individual consumer in real-time, putting the right product in front of the right customer at every touchpoint.



There was an 87% higher AOV when users interacted with XGen AI recommendations and XGen AI drove 10% of all site-wide revenue. This was calculated using 7-day attribution tracking. During initial deployment, XGen AI’s attributed revenue resulted in an ROI that paid for an annual subscription of XGen AI’s XPersonalize Platform.

That is at Gross Profit Margin and in less than 3 months. Santoni subscribed to an annual contract with XGen and the client will be deploying further XGen AI Smart Elements to their site to increase visibility and performance based on their experience.

Higher AOV
Increase in Revenue