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CMS Wire
by Kaya Ismail

Why Is Marketing Personalization So Hard?

Personalization isn't new. It has been around for a long time since the introduction of the internet in our daily lives. However, despite the potential benefits of personalization, many factors make it difficult for marketers and technical leaders to personalize content.
Tech Bullion
by Angela Scott-Briggs

Frank Faricy, founder of XGen AI, Shares Insights On All Things Ecommerce

Frank Faricy, founder of XGen AI, shares his insights on all things eCommerce and dives into how eCommerce marketers can leverage personalization through AI. XGen AI is the first fully automated, easy to integrate, easy to use AI powered platform designed to empower eCommerce companies to create unique experiences that adapts to each and every consumer behavior and need.
by Paul Talbot

How Marketers Can Run Better Tests

What should marketers do to get their analytic arms around personalized campaigns? I recently asked Frank Faricy, CEO of the AI firm XGen, for his perspective on the best practices marketers should follow to run better tests.