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Digital Commerce 360
by Abbas Haleem

How Retailers Continue to Personalize with Fewer Ways to Track Shoppers

Goodlife uses XGen Ai, an artificial intelligence tool that integrates with its Shopify eCommerce platform. As a shopper browses the site, the artificial intelligence will note which channel the shopper came in on, the pages she visited, which colors she looked at and where she exited the site or if she converted. This data feeds into the algorithm to try to match current shopper patterns to previous customer patterns.
Stars Design Group
by Bret Schnitker & Emily Lane

Clothing Coulture | The Impact of Data Privacy on eCommerce

On this episode, CEO Bret Schnitker and Chief Strategy Officer, Emily Lane (Stars Design Group), discuss how data privacy is impacting eCommerce with XGen Ai Founder & CEO, Frank Faricy. XGen Ai uses customer behavior, not data, to create hyper-personalized, individually tailored shopping experiences.
by Michelle Waite

Startup City: Artificial Intelligence Is Not As Scary As It Sounds

Faricy’s goal has always been to be the shining star of ethics when it comes to developing a personalized experience for a consumer. What they’ve discovered is that using artificial intelligence can actually protect a consumer’s privacy and provide an even better experience for the consumer while at the same time giving deeper insights for the brand. It’s the best of both worlds.

Frank Faricy (XGen Ai): “The next step in privacy is being able to personalize without knowing who you are.”

Many personalization platforms use patterns to make groups of consumers. Imagine that you are in a stadium surrounded by a million people. What some platforms do is divide these people into five groups, and each one shows something different. In the store, each individual person would be served by a clerk. That is the approach that we have to have, that is 100% individual, and that is not intrusive. There is no point in having a pop up that asks you what color you are looking for, because it doesn't work like that in real life. But having a million people serving customers on Facetime is not scalable.
Retail Council of Canada
by Michael LeBlanc

Meet the AI That’s Clearing the Path for Retailers in the Great Acceleration

On this episode of The Voice of Retail, host Michael LeBlanc is joined by Frank Faricy, the CEO + Founder of XGen Ai. They talk about the chronic pains of contemporary digital retail marketing and the challenges of effectively and efficiently targeting potential customers.
Authority Magazine
by Orlando Zayas

Frank Faricy of XGen Ai on the Future of Retail in the Post Pandemic World

We’ve seen some brands that consider their eCommerce store equivalent to one of their 500–1000 retail stores. That approach needs to stop. If the world today continues as it has in the last year and a half with the pandemic and the transition to digital, then brands need to look at current trends and recognize that your online store needs to be a major focus.
by Frank Faricy

How Can AI Transform E-Commerce?

Last year’s surge in online shopping may have started due to safety concerns, but once consumers saw how fast and easy it can be to get what they need from the comfort of home, many became permanent converts.
by Paul Talbot

How Marketers Can Run Better Tests

What should marketers do to get their analytic arms around personalized campaigns? I recently asked Frank Faricy, CEO of the AI firm XGen, for his perspective on the best practices marketers should follow to run better tests.
CMS Wire
by Kaya Ismail

Why Is Marketing Personalization So Hard?

Personalization isn't new. It has been around for a long time since the introduction of the internet in our daily lives. However, despite the potential benefits of personalization, many factors make it difficult for marketers and technical leaders to personalize content.
Tech Bullion
by Angela Scott-Briggs

Frank Faricy, Founder of XGen Ai, Shares Insights On All Things Ecommerce

Frank Faricy, founder of XGen AI, shares his insights on all things eCommerce and dives into how eCommerce marketers can leverage personalization through AI. XGen AI is the first fully automated, easy to integrate, easy to use AI powered platform designed to empower eCommerce companies to create unique experiences that adapts to each and every consumer behavior and need.
by Arthur Zaczkiewicz

XGen Ai Drives Engagement, Conversions Via ‘Event-Based Learning’

XGen AI contended that item-based learning is fundamentally flawed in “that different consumers clicking on that same shoe, all see the same belt. It is a calculation of averages, not individuals. Such lists as ‘styled with’ and ‘sold with’ are examples of this.”